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Accurate, timely information is the lifeblood of all organizations. Organizations increasingly rely on technology to make better use of the various types of information they depend on every day.

These systems typically have been built in isolation and perform well working in this way, accomplishing the specified tasks they were designed for.

The Challenge
True value comes from getting accurate information, quickly, when it is needed. Fast and concise information retrieval can be accomplished by connecting different systems. Because process oriented databases and GIS systems weren’t designed to work with one other, connecting the two is typically expensive and time-consuming.

This often outweighs the potential benefits. If the integration of these systems is successful, making changes to either or possibly adding a third may break the link.

This usually means more time and more money.

The Value
What if there was a standard way for the data and GIS software to interact? A way in which software could be connected together with greater ease? There is through the use of MapMatrix NetGIS platform.

From a business perspective, the MapMatrix NetGIS platform is about re-enabling technology to connect, change, move and adapt like the other aspects of the business of an organization.

The platform not only connects systems, it also connects people with the information they need, in the programs they’re used to, wherever they happen to be.

Customers have seamlessly integrated systems such as Document Management, Project Management, Financial, Property Records, and GIS systems into a single “Portal” application. Delivery of all of this information is fast, secure, and made available without the user having to change from one application to another while viewing information retrieved from different systems.
MapMatrix NetGIS is Gateway Horizons implementation of software and services across and our strategy to ensure that our products connect better with others. Through the applications, Web services, servers, and tools of the Gateway Horizons platform, Organizations can realize the benefits of MapMatrix NetGis connectivity today.

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