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The Net GIS Application Server is the cornerstone MapMatrix NetGIS product line. The primary function of the MapServer is to distribute GIS data to applications through the Net GIS Web Services. Gis data is read into the Map Server, regardless of format, and then delivered to client applications.

The GIS Application Server performs complex GIS functions and lets you analyze information by asking questions that span vendor specific formats.

You can perform expert, complex spatial analyses using the MapMatrix’s Net GIS Application Server complete set of advanced analysis tools. These include attribute query, spatial query, spatial aggregation, spatial intersection, analytical merge, buffer zones, spatial overlays and all the tools necessary to create “what if” analyses.

Use thematic mapping features to create maps with color-coded and patterned attribute data, making information easier to understand. Integrate aerial photography or satellite imagery with other geographical information and expand data sets by adding new features.

MapMatrix Net GIS Application Server is accessible from other applications via the Net GIS Web Services which means that data can be distributed from any location to any other location that has connectivity to the Internet.

Because the Net GIS Application Server has been built with the Microsoft .Net platform, the server is also available on the 64 bit platforms. This means that consumers can take full advantage of the latest in technological developments as soon as they become available.
The NetGIS Application Server is offered starting at the incredibly low price of $399.00. This price is per processor, per computer. The license fee for a computer with a single processor is $399.00. The fee for a computer with two processors is $798.00. One computer can server many users with no additional license fees.

MapServer Version Per Processor
Desktop $ 399.00
Server $ 499.00
64 Bit Desktop $ 599.00
64 Bit Server $ 1199.00

If you have an interest in purchasing this product contact us by email or call 1-877-312-5707.
NetGIS Application Server Features 
  • Built on the Microsoft .Net platform
  • Capable of utilizing data from a multitude of GIS vendors formats.
  • Provides for a full range of spatial analyses tools.
  • Data can be consumed from any other application via industry standard Web services.
  • Scalable at low cost.
  • System is extremely fast.
  • Is available in 64 bit technology to take full advantage of advancing technology.

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