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The NetGIS GIS Web Services distribute GIS data and information via XML Web services to other applications. XML Web services have become the industry standard for allowing technology to interoperate across programming languages, platforms and operating systems.

The Net GIS Web Services is MapServer's the window to the world. Through GIS Web Services all of the capabilities of the MapServer are securely exposed to authorized clients for external application consumption.

GIS Web Services make a reality the vision of creating a platform independent distribution channel for GIS data. Applications can share data from different data sources and formats and have them combined in a single application, without it being apparent that data has come from different sources or locations.

With this scenario GIS data can be referenced from different locations and presented in an application as if the data were local. For example: One location may contain aerial photography, another parcel information, and yet another land base information, and all of these can be referenced real-time in any application that can access the Net GIS Web Services that distribute the GIS data. The consumer does not even have to be at any of the locations that contain the data, just have access to the GIS Web Services via an intranet or the Internet.

Net GIS Web Services Features 
  • Conforms to Industry Standards for XML Web Services enabling use by any platform or language.
  • Supports full capabilities of the NetGIS MapServer.
  • Offers specialized transmissions methodology to increase performance when large amounts of data are being exchanged.
  • XML structure is published allowing for any application to communicate with the services.

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