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MapMatrix NetGIS WebControls provides ASP.NET web developers a set of intuitive Controls that can plug into Visual Studio.NET, WebMatrix or any .NET capable visual IDE. Through built in session management and rich featured drag and drop controls, WebControls sets the new standard for reducing total cost of ownership and project lifecycle span for web based GIS applications.

The WebControls facilitate many of the complex tasks that may be encountered with GIS Web development, including the management of current application state and coordinating data from multiple map servers.

GIS enabled web applications built with the .NET WebControls can be created in just minutes of programming instead of hours or days. This product requires a license for NetGIS Application Objects.

NetGIS Web Controls Features 
  • Built upon the .NET platform.
  • Simplifies development against multiple MapServers.
  • Provides web ready controls.
  • Easy to configure and use.
Pricing - FREE 

All software development objects are provided free of charge. There is not charge to develop with our software tools or to distribute applications built with our tools.

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