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Custom Data Adapters are software plugins that enable the NetGIS MapServer to read data from other GIS vendors native formats. This means there are no translations required to use your existing GIS System. See how this works here.

Many GIS and image formats are currently supported, including ArcSDE, Personal Geodatabase, Shapefiles, MrSiD, TIF, JPG, GIF, and many others. Custom Data Adapters are separate application libraries and can be built to load virtually any data into a MapServer. Examples are provided to assist users with developing their own data adapters.

Information integration has always been a major challenge for maximizing effective use of a geographic information system (GIS). Spatial data is everywhere and in all kinds of different vendor formats. Multiple GIS tools are used commonly in many organizations to accomplish daily work tasks. This makes it very difficult to create applications with seamless integration between different GIS systems and other databases.

The NetGIS Custom Data Adapters integrate disparate data across platforms and perform analysis of these different datasets in relation to one another - no matter where the data resides, and with no translation required. Your data is always up-to-date, improving the decision-making process and reducing the cost of business.

The Data Adapters are priced depending on the data format that is being loaded. License fees are based on a single computer use. A data adapter is only required on a computer that runs the MapServer (NetGIS Application Server). The pricing for some of our 32 bit data adapters are as follows:
Data Adapter   Desktop     Server  
Shapefile FREE FREE
ESRI Personal Geodatabase $ 99.00  $ 199.00
ESRI ArcSDE $ 199.00  $ 399.00
Mr SID $ 199.00  $ 399.00
Standard Imaging(TIF,GIF,JPEG,etc.) $ 99.00  $ 199.00
Contact us for information on other data formats.

Our e-commerce site is currently under development, if you have an interest in purchasing these products contact use by email or call 1-877-312-5707.
Custom Data Adapter Features 
  • Built on the Microsoft .Net platform.
  • Open architecture, allows consumers to write their own data adapters to suit their needs.
  • Are standalone libraries that are distributed separately from the MapServer.
  • Available to support most common GIS vendors formats.

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