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MapMatrix NetGIS Application Objects provide application developers with a powerful set of tools that interact with the NetGIS WebServices. The Application Objects simplify the communication with MapServers and facilitate the rapid application development process for building robust GIS enabled applications.

The Application Objects are delivered as class libraries and can be incorporated into any application. This means that an application that has been GIS enabled with NetGIS can run exactly as the developer has designed it. Not as some add-on to a third party vendor specific application with additional licensing requirements. Behavior of an application is precisely controlled as with other development projects, GIS capabilities are simply an addition to the existing design.

This approach allows not only for new applications to be made GIS capable, but can be used to bring GIS to legacy applications.

Desktop applications, Handhelds, Cell phones, tablet pcs, CAD programs, word processing programs, or Access database applications can all utilize the Application Objects to enable applications with GIS capabilities.

The Application Objects can be used with existing development environments including .NET; Visual Studio 6 C++, Visual Basic, ASP, VBA; Java, and JSP. These Application Objects provide fast and easy tools that allow any developer to create flexible, scalable, highly integrated GIS applications in hours, not days.

NetGIS Application Objects Features 
  • Provides for the simple addition of GIS capabilites to any application.
  • Easy to use object structure.
  • No run-time licensing fees.
  • Simplifies interacation with the NetGIS MapServer.
  • Compatible with standard development tools and Integrated Development Environments (IDE's) for simple and familiar application development.
  • Suports XML for data structures enabling cross-platform programming language support.
Pricing - FREE 

All software development objects are provided free of charge. There is not charge to develop with our software tools or to distribute applications built with our tools.

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