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What is NetGIS ?
NetGIS is a product line that provides enterprise style GIS capabilities throughout an organization for prices that are a fraction of other similar products. The entire product line has been built utilizing the very latest in technology and is true 64-bit capable. This means that it is fast, very fast.
Information integration has always been a major challenge for maximizing the effective use of a geographic information system (GIS), especially with other data systems and applications. Spatial data is everywhere and in all kinds of different vendor formats. It is common for an organization to use multiple GIS software tools and other applications to perform daily work tasks.

Gateway Horizons provides leading edge GIS Software products for adding Mapping and GIS information to applications and Web Sites. The MapMatrix NetGIS is a revolutionary product line that provides capabilities for building and distributing GIS applications based upon the most current software and data distribution technologies. MapMatrix NetGIS simplifies the integration of GIS data with other applications and systems. These products access GIS and other data in place and perform integration across platforms and locations. Data in applications built with MapMatrix NetGIS is always up to date and seamlessly presents applications with GIS capabilities.

If you already have a GIS web site or application deployed, see how MapMatrix can save you thousands in license fees, integrate better into other applications, and accomplish all of this without total requiring a total re-write of the application.

In summary, the MapMatrix NetGIS products assist with the rapid delivery and integration of GIS data and applications, whether these are new distributed applications, internet or intranet, legacy desktop applications, or Desktop products NetGIS can deliver and integrate GIS in a simple and seamless way.
NetGIS GIS Map Server
The MapServer is the cornerstone MapMatrix NetGIS product line. The MapServer reads GIS data, regardless of format, and delivers it to client applications. Built on the latest .NET technology, MapMatrix MapServer provides a stable, secure host environment for your map data. Our architecture provides an increase in performance by up to 300% over the leading vendors map server solution, and our plug-in approach to spatial data formats will allow you to expand Map Server to be easily customized to meet your needs. Tired of paying for a stack of licensed products to get to a web based or entrerprise wide map server solution? Look no further, MapMatrix Map Server requires no third-party software.
NetGIS Custom Data Adapters
The Custom Data Adpaters are plugins that enable the MapServer to read data from other vendors native formats. Many formats are currently supported, including Arc SDE, Shapefiles, MrSiD, and others. A Custom Data Adapter is a separate application library than the MapServer and can be built to to load virtually any data into a MapServer. Examples are provided to assist users with developing their own data adapters.
NetGIS GIS Web Services
Net GIS Web Services distribute GIS data and information via XML Web services to other applications. The NetGIS WebServices provide the mechanism that the MapMatrix NetGIS technology utilizes to interoperate across programming languages, platforms and operating systems. WebServices are the distribution network for the NetGIS technology and are bundled with the MapServer.
NetGIS GIS Geocoding Web Services
Net GIS Geocoding Web Services offers enterprises and developers a rich set of tools they can use to incorporate location-based services into their applications and business processes. The Geocoding Services run as a separate service than the NetGIS WebServices.
NetGIS GIS Application Objects
MapMatrix Application Objects provide application developers with a powerful set of tools that interact with the NetGIS WebServices. The Application Objects simplify the communication with GIS Map Servers and facilitate the rapid application development process for building robust GIS enabled applications. The Application Objects can be used with existing development environments including .NET; Visual Studio 6 C++, Visual Basic, ASP, VBA; Java, and JSP. These Application Objects provide fast and easy tools that allow any developer to create flexible, scalable, highly integrated GIS applications in hours, not days.
NetGIS Web Controls
MapMatrix NetGIS WebControls provides ASP.NET web developers a set of intuitive Controls that can plug into Visual Studio.NET, WebMatrix or any .NET capable visual IDE. Through built in session management and rich featured drag and drop controls, WebControls sets the new standard for reducing total cost of ownership and project lifecycle span for web based GIS applications. This product requires a license for NetGIS Application Objects.

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