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March 1, 2005

Gateway Horizons announces 64 Bit hardware support.

Under a beta release the NetGIS MapServer is available on x64 bit operating systems. This version is a revolutionary change in GIS application software because it can now take full advantage of the advanced architecture available in the 64 bit hardware.


January 1, 2005

Gateway Horizons releases Version 3.0 of MapMatrix NetGIS Server

This version of the NetGIS Server provides high performance GIS Map services that support a multitude of GIS Formats.

The NETGIS Application Objects are used for accessing the MapServer.


October 1, 2003

Gateway Horizons releases Version 2.1 of MapMatrix NetGIS Application Components

Version 2.1 of the MapMatrix NetGIS Application Components, a .Net enabled library used for building high performance distributed GIS applications. The Application Objects simplify the addition of GIS capabilities to browser or desktop applications. Free dowload is available.

The Application Objects work with the MapMatrix Map Server and are designed to accept any GIS data format through the implementation of custom data adapters.


July 2, 2003

NexNet, Inc. changes name to Gateway Horizons, Inc.


October 21, 2002

NexNet releases technology preview edition of MapMatrix SDK. A toolkit for building high performance web enabled GIS applications. The MapMatrix toolkit utilizes simple drag and drop development features to add GIS capabilities to any browser application. The MapMatrix Map Server is designed to accept any GIS data format through the implementation of custom adapters.



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