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Gateway Horizons offers a host of GIS Web Services. A Web Service based architecture means streamlined integration with your existing application and unlimited options as to where your data will be hosted. With this approach can come greatly reduced maintenance, improved security and endless possibilities for scaling. Utilization of our Hosting Services is a very attractive option if you do not wish to take on the cost and responsibility associated with he acquisition of a Gateway Horizons Map Server.
Gis Web Services
Data Integration
Our architecture provides full function GIS applications and features that will interact with database information that is stored on your site. This is achieved through the utilization of our Disconnected Data Web-Services. Our approach gives you the power to decide where the data will be stored and still provides the flexibility of offsite hosting for GIS & Mapping services. This approach can be leveraged to greatly reduce your total cost of ownership.

Not comfortable with offsite hosting? Unlike most of our competitors we give the the option to license our Map Server software and host your own GIS Web Services internally.
Web Service Effeciency
Our Web Service calls have been optimized to allow you to queue requests. For example, using one of the leading competitors GIS Web Service structure, a minimum of six Web Service transactions were required to perform the simple operation of connecting to the map server and adding five map layers. Using our queued task approach took only two transactions to render the same results. Why are our competitors doing this? We aren't sure, but it's likely due to the fact they bill for each transaction.
Scalable Pricing
We offer scalable pricing that will allow customers to take full advantage of the Gateway Horizons system architecture at costs that fit any budget. Data uploads from customers can be performed at any time to ensure that information presented via our MapServer is always current.

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