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What about ArcIMS ?
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Do you currently use ArcIMS ? Are you interested in purchasing ArcIMS ? If so, you might want to consider some alternatives. Why ? Because ArcIMS is Too SLOW and Too EXPENSIVE!!!
ArcIMS is TOO Expensive !!!
Why should you pay outrageous fees to ESRI just for the privilege of serving your data over the internet ? Do you want to know how much ArcIMS costs ? Good luck. You have to contact a sales person to find out. Try to search the internet using keywords such as "ArcIMS Pricing" and see what you get, a tremendous number of "Contact for Prices" entries.

What is ESRI afraid of ? We believe that it is sticker shock! Well, we are going to shock you, the price is $ 10,000 per processor for private companies. Yes, you read it right, as a private company you have to pay ESRI $ 10,000 for a single processor license just so you can serve YOUR data over the internet.

What else do you get for that kind of money ? A yearly bill of 20%. So not only do you pay them now, but you keep on paying! And there's more, you only get two single-use developer licenses, and, if you charge people access to your data, you pay twice the above fees.

What does Gateway Horizons charge you for an Internet Map Server ? $1,399 per processor for our server version that will read your SDE data. And the best part is, our software will not use any of your valuable SDE connections. Unbelievable, but true. Try it out right now for FREE!
ArcIMS is TOO Slow !!!
Not only does ArcIMS cost an absolute fortune, but its performance is often extremely slow. Why ? We are not sure but we know that it is SLOW. But don't take our word for it. Just visit the ESRI web site and click on the customer ArcIMS sites. What do you get ? Sometimes, the customer sites are so slow, they timeout. Sad, but true.

How do you solve this performance problem with ArcIMS?  You buy bigger, better, faster hardware. So in addition to paying a fortune for the software, you have to purchase some very serious horsepower to run it. The story just gets better all of the time.

Gateway Horizons software is not only affordable, it is also extremely fast. We believe that it is the fastest Map Server available in the world today!
Gateway Horizons is Better, Faster and Cheaper
Gateway Horizons offers software that will serve your ESRI Data over the internet (or intranet).  It costs substantially less than ArcIMS, works faster, and costs less than a single yearly maintenance charge that you would receive if you used ArcIMS. Our Map Server reads ESRI data directly and will not occupy any valuable license connections to your other ESRI software. Try us now for FREE and truly see the benefits of using your GIS data.

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